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With over 18 years of experience in sheet metal industry, the Merasha group has emerged as an industry leader in providing both subcontracting solutions and B2C solutions.

Merasha Shapers

Merasha Shapers, with its expertise in producing Sheet Metal Press Parts, Water-Jet Cutting Components, Laser Cutting Components, and Fabrication Assemblies, serves as the One-Stop Subcontracting Solution for various industries like Automobile, Electric and Electronic, Agriculture, Textile & more...

Anveet Arts

Anveet Arts, a Merasha group brand, launched in 2015 specialises in B2C solutions such as doors, windows, railings, facades, room dividers. wall art, marble inlay work, and more.

Merasha Shapers

Our Press Shop

At our Press Shop, we manufacture various press shop parts like tanks ranging from 5 litres to 1200 litres in capacity, air / water / oil filters, cooling fans for engines, off-road engines, and more for OEMs. We specialise in manufacturing all types of sheet metal components for OEMs.

Our CNC and Fabrication Shop

With our latest CNC technology, we are able to work with a wide range of materials like sheet metal, bulletproof material, metal, plastic, brass, rubber, marble, titanium, aluminium, composite materials, and more.

We produce DG set canopies, tanks for DG sets, specialised components
for sheet metal assemblies and more for OEMS. Our production process
can be customised to your needs.

For a query, contact us at info@merashashapers.com

Anveet Arts

Interior Solutions

At Anveet Arts, we have pioneered the use of galvanised steel for making
doors and door frames, instead of wood and aluminium. Galvanised steel
doors are better alternatives for many reasons: Lower Cost, Durability and Strength, more Eco-Friendly, Better Looks, Easier Installation and Quicker Manufacturing.

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Exterior Solutions

Why should only the inside of any building look beautiful? At Anveet Arts,
we believe in aesthetic functionality. We design and manufacture exterior
facades for your spaces based on your needs and preferences in a variety of materials like Stainless Steel, Aluminium, High Pressure Laminate, and

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